About Us

Why should you consider Peyton Technical Services as a potential Arc Flash Safety Consultant? 

We are not locked into a particular scope of work. We can work with you on one aspect of your Arc Flash safety program or we can provide turnkey solutions. Unlike our larger competitors, our end game is not to sell you hardware solutions at the end of the project. Our only focus is the safety of our clients and their employees.

We do not subcontract our training services. Therefore, the person who conducts the training does so with knowledge of the facility, how work is performed and an intimate understanding of the project overall. We believe that this makes the training very effective and is a key point for your overall electrical safety program.

You get personal service.
If you have questions about how a particular problem, we'll work with you to get it answered. Our focus is Electrical SAFETY. Therefore, we can answer questions about PPE, work practices and your written program. We'll work with you to put your program into place.

Our training program is interesting and enjoyable.  When's the last time you heard THAT about a safety training class; especially when you consider the subject matter?

Our client list is ever expanding and is distinguished. 
We are proud and honored to serve the companies that choose to use Peyton Technical Services for their Arc Flash needs.